Aluminum-Titanium Spherical Bearings for Aerospace Industry

Ultra-light Tie Rods: Half the weight at same performance

This innovation adds a new definition to subject lightweight construction in aerospace industry: in cooperation with Austrian company Teufelberger the German company HIRSCHMANN brought extremely light Tie Rods with aluminum-titanium bearings onto the market.
  • This combination of HIRSCHMANN Lightweight Bearings and Tie Rods made by Teufelberger consisting of a meshwork of high-tensile composite fibres enables a product design, that offers significant weight reduction at high load capacity.
  • "Our innovation opens large possible savings of energy consumption in aerospace industry and leads to an improvement of economics” underlines HIRSCHMANN CTO Rainer Harter.
With the patent-pending extremely light aluminum-titanium spherical bearings HIRSCHMANN already made the breakthrough in automobile racing – a discipline in which weight reduction plays a large role as well as in aerospace industry. The lightweight bearings reach the same performance values as used so far standard bearing technology, but with only half the weight. Now the transfer of this innovative bearing technology to aerospace industry was successful.

The Tie Rods transmit movements and forces at its best and due to gimbal-mounted suspension in aircraft industry thus offering numerous application possibilities of the new HIRSCHMANN products – for example in airplane doors or for mounting of cabin equipment, walls and racks for cabin luggage. The Tie Rods with lightweight bearings are available for manifold applications in variable length.