Rolled-in Spherical Bearings: low weight due to CFRP components

World’s first innovation developed by HIRSCHMANN: rolled-in heavy duty spherical bearings, directly integrated in CFRP components. This development is a milestone especially for race sport where weight reduction is an important factor. The innovation can also be delivered as sealed bearing and the Al2 lightweight bearings can also be applied in sporty street cars as for example in GT series.

Advantages of Al2 lightweight bearings

  • low weight (weight reduction of about 70% compared to standard units)
  • resists extreme tensile and compressive loads
  • long life and robustness
  • less complex manufacturing processes, that is considerably less expense for user
  • service: worn bearings are professionally renewed

Examples of use

  • Tie Rods
  • Wishbones
  • Rods
  • Steering rod for strut connection

Weltneuheit: AI² Leichtbaulager mit und ohne Dichtmanschette
Tie Rod in combination with rolled-in spherical bearing 

Tie-Rod in Verbindung mit eingerolltem Gelenklager
Tie Rod with rolled-in spherical bearing

For more information see press release.