Lightweight construction – less is more

Consequent lightweight construction offers considerable possible savings in many fields.

In automotive engineering

  • In modern vehicles lightweight materials contribute to less weight and thus to less energy consumption, more efficiency and less environmental pollution. Industry faces major challenges and our innovative developments make a good contribute.

In racing sports

  • The innovative developments with high-tensile lightweight materials generate weight reductions up to 70%. In racing sports that means more driving dynamics in all situations, during braking and accelerating as well as in curves.

In aerospace industry

  • In modern aircrafts with due to its design very high number of spherical bearings our aluminum-titanium lightweight bearings contribute to less total weight and therefore to possible savings in fuel consumption.
ThinKing Siegel der Leichtbau BW GmbH

ThinKing – Logo of organization Leichtbau BW GmbH

As a member of Leichtbau BW network together with the leading lightweight suppliers in Baden-Württemberg we work on innovative products and new manufacturing processes. In 2016 the aluminum-titanium lightweight bearing made by HIRSCHMANN was decorated with “ThinKing” Award of the organization Leichtbau BW.

Aluminum-titanium bearings: half the weight at same performance

Since years we research at HIRSCHMANN for technologies to lighten spherical bearings and rod ends – without restrictions in long-life and stability. E.g. for our aluminum-titanium bearings there is the formula “half the weight at same performance”. Our ultra-light high-end bearings are used by numerous market and technology leaders in the fields of racing sports, automotive engineering, aerospace industry and medicine technology.

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70 % weight reduction due to rolled-in spherical bearings

As global innovation on lightweight summit 2017 in Würzburg, HIRSCHMANN presented a method, where rolled-in heavy-duty spherical bearings are integrated directly in carbon fibre reinforced plastic components. This allows a weight reduction of up to 70%. Long lasting runs on test bench have shown that this lightweight innovation is withstanding even extreme tensile and pressure loads and is equal to current application modes concerning long-life and robustness.

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Ultra-light Tie Rods made of high-tensile composite fibres

In cooperation with the Austrian company Teufelberger, HIRSCHMANN developed extremely light Tie Rods (stabilizer bars) with aluminum-titanium spherical bearings. These Tie Rods were introduced to a wide audience of specialists in 2016 on international trade fair for aerospace ILA Berlin.

The combination of HIRSCHMANN lightweight bearings and Tie Rods of a meshwork of high-tensile composite fibres made by Teufelberger allows a product design, that offers a considerable weight reduction at high load.

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