Lightweight spherical bearings for aerospace

Extreme high quality and reliability, less weight and space-saving design – these are the requirements of aerospace industry. With our Al-Ti lightweight bearings we meet the demands of aerospace industry at the highest level.

Al-Ti lightweight bearings - 50 % less weight

HIRSCHMANN lightweight bearings reach a weight reduction of approx. 50% compared to standard bearings but at same performance data.

The lightweight bearings are excellently qualified for following application fields:

  • rotor blade controls
  • tale unit controls
  • rudder controls
  • door mechanism
  • landing gear

Ultra-light hybrid Tie Rods

Our newest development in cooperation with company Teufelberger are ultra-light tie rods made of Al-Ti bearings and a connection rod made of a multilayer hollow mesh of HTA40 (fibre certified for aerospace, with M=230GPa).

Metal-Composite Connection

The patented connection (T-IGEL®*) between the hollow mesh and the titanium bearing part is form and force fitted with joint strength up to 1.500 N/Pin (~ 60 N/mm2) and quantifiable failure probability.

Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

Resin injection and hardening take place in a closed tool (press 130 tons).

Components overview

Leichtbaulager Lightweight bearings

 Doppelgelenklager Tie-Rods

 T-IGEL® Verbindung T-IGEL®* Connection*

T-IGEL® is a registered trademark of company Teufelberger