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Gelenkköpfe der HIRSCHMANN GMBH

Heavy duty rod ends and Spherical bearings

A leading manufacturer of heavy-duty spherical bearings and rod ends, HIRSCHMANN offers customers an extensive variety of maintenance-free and advanced solutions, including extremely lightweight aluminum-titanium bearings.

Vehicle construction, aerospace, railed vehicles, mechanical engineering, naval architecture, turbine construction, wind power plants, and packaging machines are just a few examples of the possible applications for our durable and reliable spherical bearings and rod ends. For vehicle construction and auto racing, we deliver high-tensile chassis joints, tie rods, wishbones, pull rods, strut mounts, support bearings, and push rods. Many of our products are available in stock.

Since HIRSCHMANN was founded in 1957, we have focused on spherical bearings. From 1957 until 1967, we imported UNIBAL bearings and rod ends from the USA. In 1961, we began production of spherical bearings in our state-of-the-art factory in Fluorn-Winzeln, Germany. Today, with a comprehensive selection of standard products and customized solutions, HIRSCHMANN is a leading supplier of spherical bearings and rod ends across multiple industries.

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Automotive / Aerospace Markets

Heavy-Duty Spherical Bearing Technology

HIRSCHMANN bearing technology is used by many prominent vehicle manufacturers, including Porsche, Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen in both their race and sports cars. We manufacture maintenance-free and rust-proof chassis components, developed for demanding applications in auto racing and sports cars, that can be integrated into OEM component development.

The latest innovation having a substantial impact on the auto racing industry are aluminum-titanium lightweight   HIRSCHMANN SPHERICAL BEARINGS. This new generation of bearings has the same performance data as standard bearing technology, with a one significant difference – a weight reduction of about 50%! This revolutionary development delivers enhanced driving dynamics in all situations – braking, acceleration and turns.

See how over 60 years of knowledge and experience in spherical bearing technology can improve your production!

Radträger Automobilbau
Requirements in aerospace are extreme. Bearing elements must compensate not only for the highest loads, but should also be very light. Here, every gram counts.

HIRSCHMANN has produced special lightweight products to meet these requirements for decades. Our bearings orbit the earth in satellites and fly between the continents in countless aircraft.

We’ll work with you to develop solutions around your complex requirements.

Market Aerospace  Tie-Rods
Satellit umkreist die Erde

Lightweight Innovation

Advanced Aluminum-Titanium Lightweight Bearings
Half the weight - same superior performance

We now offer cutting-edge supporting and sliding ball joints and chassis joints fabricated in lightweight aluminum-titanium. Our latest innovation features a high-tensile aluminum outer ring, a titanium inner ball, and a special HIRSCHMANN PTFE liner with stainless steel fabric resulting in a weight reduction of about 50%. Driving dynamics in all situations – braking, acceleration, and turns are enhanced through this progressive technology.

Considering the advantages over a standard bearing, HIRSCHMANN aluminum-titanium lightweight bearings are an unbeatable value.

Despite just being introduced in 2015, our products already have a proven track record. These trendsetting components have been used successfully across multiple applications, including the LMP1 race.

Advanced Aluminum-Titanium Lightweight HIRSCHMANN SPHERICAL BEARINGS can be used for all applications where lightweight construction and weight reduction are decisive criteria, especially in the fields of aerospace, automotive engineering, modelmaking, and medical technology.

To "Lightweight Innovation" 
Anwedungsbeispiele Doppelgelenklager

Heavy-duty Double Rod Ends

Double rod ends are variable, customized components with modifiable dimensions, which can be manufactured in various types and materials. Solid, adjustable, set, curved, round, or flat styles are all possibilities.

Scope of Application

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Machine Building
  • Turbine Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
Tell us your requirements, and we will offer you a solution.

In our product database, you will find more than 5000 rod ends and spherical bearings with detailed descriptions and material options. You can also download our product catalog with additional information.

Product Database  Catalogues (PDF)
Trag- und Führungsglenke

Supporting and Sliding Ball Joints

HIRSCHMANN supplies supporting and sliding ball joints to leading automotive manufacturers and race car teams. Our durable joints are designed for high radial and axial load transfers, characterized by a small friction coefficient and less deformation under load. With a low weight and wide temperature range, they are the perfect choice for a variety of applications. Supporting and sliding ball joints connect wishbone and strut (wheel bearing housing).


  • Large radial/axial load transfers
  • Smallest possible installation space
  • Rigid bearing performance
  • Low break-loose and friction torque
  • High-tensile ball journal, 100% crack detected
  • Compact construction
  • Seal collar - material CR


Anwendungsbeispiel Längslenker

Control arm

Anwendungsbeispiel Querlenker (Vorderachse)

Wishbone (front suspension)

Anwendungsbeispiel Querlenker (Hinterachse)

Wishbone (rear suspension)

Anwendungsbeispiel Spur- und Koppelstange

Tie rod and coupling bar

Anwendungsbeispiel Stabilisatorstütze

Stabilizer bar

Anwendungsbeispiel Stütz- und DOM-Lager

Support and strut bearings

Anwendungsbeispiel Trag- und Führungsgelenk

Ball joints

Kundenspezifische Anwendungsbeispiele

Customized solutions

Special Solutions for Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings

At HIRSCHMANN, high-tensile rod ends, spherical bearings, supporting and sliding ball joints, thrust bearings, support bearings, strut mounts, tie rods, push-rods, and special parts such as chassis joints are produced in various quantities.

HIRSCHMANN designs and manufactures customized versions in single pieces. For higher quantities, we offer just-in-time delivery and modern logistics.

Individual Solutions

Our specialists will work with you to determine your strength, tilting effect, friction torque, radial and axial rigidity, torque, and weight requirements. If requested, we manufacture extremely low-friction joints or joints free of clearance.

Our Certified Manufacturing Facility in Germany

We manufacture in our factory certified according to quality standards ISO 9001 and EN91000, in Fluorn-Winzeln, (Baden-Württemberg) Germany.

Are You Interested?

Please send us your inquiry. You may also use the contact form to submit your request.

Inquiry Form Rod Ends/ Spherical bearings 

Inquiry Form double spherical bearings


Technical Notes

A long lasting, trouble-free operation is established by selecting the correct size, material, and type of the rod ends or spherical bearings for your operational conditions.

To make the calculation, you can find all relevant information and formulas under our “Technical Information” tab. Of course, we would be happy to assist in determining the correct dimensions of rod ends or spherical bearings for your specific application. Please contact our technical sales staff.

Technical NotesTechnical Advice

Type overview rod ends Type overview spherical bearings

Product Database

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