Control System for HIRSCHMANN Rotary Indexing Tables

Version 1: integrated in machine controls of rotary indexing table

Ideally rotary indexing tables are controlled by machine controls.


  • Programming inside machine controls
  • Simultaneous operation possible (turn while burn)
  • No additional control system necessary
  • Rotary indexing table reacts as own machine axis
  • Cost-saving and high efficient manufacturing solution for modern machines


  • Applicable only on predestinated machine
  • Cannot be realized on all machines

Version 2: xternal control system (HIRSCHMANN H1625) for rotary indexing tables

If control by machine controls is not possible (no axis free), rotary indexing table can be operated by controls H1625. Communication with machine controls is possible via parallel interface (M-code). NC program for rotary indexing table is programmed in controls H1625. Therefore continuous-path control (turn while burn) is not possible.


  • Universal solution for all rotary indexing tables
  • Exact positioning (depending on construction of rotary indexing table)
  • Applicable on several machines (also different machines WEDM, SEDM, EDM-drilling)


  • Additional, separate control system necessary
  • NC programming for rotary indexing table in separate control system
  • Suitable only for positioning, no simultaneous operation (Turn&Burn) possible!