Rotary Indexing Table FJRH-226..

Uniaxial rotary indexing table with hollow axle

Uniaxial hollow axles are mainly used on wire EDM to have the possibility of cutting into the center of work pieces. Work pieces are clamped in customer-specific fixtures or in an adjustable clamping element for precise mounting and quick adjusting of work piece concentricity.

FJRH226FJRH226 mit Justierspannelement


Productdetails to Rotary Table FJRH-226
  • Type: FJRH-226..
  • Direct measuring
  • Design: stainless steel body
  • Hollow axle Ø80 mm
  • Min. indexing step 0,001°
  • Positioning accuracy +/- 5 sec (depending on measuring system)
  • Repetitive accuracy +/- 3 sec (depending on measuring system)
  • Concentricity <0,005 mm
  • Axial run-out of rotating axis <0,005 mm
  • speed of rotating axis approx. 8 rpm
  • Weight of work piece horizontal max. 65 kg
  • Weight of work piece vertical max. 100 kg
  • Weight approx. 70 kg
  • Protection class IP68