World’s first innovation: maintenance-free EDM power transmission


Improved process reliability, maintenance-free for life, no contamination and no friction – the new EDM power transmission made by HIRSCHMANN with microfibre rings beats the previous process with carbon brushes. Always a step ahead with this technology HIRSCHMANN offers innovative rotary indexing tables with adjusted to each other reference and clamping systems.

Cost savings

With this innovation, expensive problems like worn out carbon brushes or shrinkage of the transmission surface are permanently eliminated. Besides this, the power transmission mounted around the shaft in sealed body guarantees a maintenance-free use for life. Current is transmitted equally over the whole shaft and friction loss is no longer a problem.

Upgrade for existing EDM

The installation space necessary for the integration of the power transmitting rings is taken into consideration already in new development and design of rotary indexing tables made by HIRSCHMANN. Even for mini spindles with limited installation space a solution was found. And in certain cases, an upgrade of existing products is possible without large efforts. So not only the buyer of new equipment benefits from the advantages of our world’s first innovation. Service for the upgrade can be done in our factory or direct at the customers. Thus, process reliability for equipment in the field can be significantly improved later.

For more information please see our press release.