Rotary Indexing Tables for Medical Engineering

Anwendungbeispiel in der Medizintechnik

Implants, dental prostheses, surgical instruments

Complex spiral shapes and spirals as occurring in medical technology (implants, dental prostheses, surgical instruments) can be manufactured or additionally machined only with multiaxial machining.
The curved shape sets limits to most possibilities of machining. In most cases a spark erosive machining is the only economic solution.
With HIRSCHMANN Rotary Indexing Tables and Reference Systems you can operate in highest accuracy range and so manufacturing of small surgical products with highest precision and reliability can be guaranteed.

Surgical Needles – Wire EDM in Medical Engineering

In manufacturing of surgical needles with very small diameters lateral forces are not allowed and conventional lathes or grinding machines cannot be used for manufacturing. A solution is offered in spark erosive manufacturing on wire EDM with rotating or rotating indexing spindles.