clamping system 4000 for WIRE EDM

Set-up and Presetting Stations

A presetting station allows precise clamping and presetting of workpieces while the machine is in process. Set-up parallel to production time increases efficient running time and therefore reduces amortization time of the machine.

H4900 Set-up and Presetting Station

Set-up and presetting stations consist of a solid steel carriage and a hard rock measuring plate precision class 00.

  • 1x steel carriage
  • 1 x hard rock measuring plate
  • 1 x clamper H4000
  • 1 x reference disc (to support workpieces
  • 1 x reference bar (stop for dial gouge column, orientated parallel to clamper H4000)
Dimensions (LxWxH)           approx. 680x580x1100 mm

H4900.1 Set-up and Presetting Station

Design like H4900 but without reference bar

H4901 Set-up and Presetting Station

Design like H4900 but without steel carriage

H4901.1 Set-up and Presetting Station

Design like H4901 but without reference bar

H4905 Presetting Cube

Presetting Cube in hard rock.
Cube can be attached to those two sides, grinded to centering prism of the clamper. Mostly the cube is sufficient for presetting of small workpieces.
Dimensions (LxWxH)   approx. 150x150x200 mm