5 Clamping Systems for different applications

For more than 60 years we develop and produce innovative, practice-oriented and high precise products around clamping technology for EDM, milling, turning and measuring machines and machining centers.

As your partner and together with you we search the best solution for your clamping problem workpiece – tool and create the standard for an optimal and future oriented work flow.

We offer components in highest quality and for long life with a high cost-benefit ratio. Therefore, our qualified staff in design department, production and sales work hand in hand – of course, according international quality standards (ISO9001 / EN9100).

Clamping System
Clamping System
Clamping System
Zero-point Clamping System
Clamping System
Wire EDM Sinking EDM, cutting
Electrode and workpiece clamping
Pallet clamping System Modular clamping system High precise manufacturing of small parts
Fields of application
   Wire EDM x x
   Sinking EDM x x x x
   Micro technology x
   Metal cutting x x x x
   Laser machining x x x x
   Assembly x x x x
   Measuring technology x x x
    xxxx xClamping force max. 18.000 N 60.000 N 30.000 N 500 N
Special feature For high precise manufacturing of small parts
for tools / fixtures x x x x
for workpieces x x x x x
max. weight of work piece 150 kg 100 kg 300 kg 1.000 kg axial load per clamper
Repetitive accuracy 2 µm 2 µm 2 µm ≤ 5 µm ≤ 0.1 µm
Change accuracy ≤ 0.5 µm
Changeable automatically x x x x x
Can be combined with rotary indexing table x x x x