PrisFix-Flat: Ultra flat clamping system 

With μ-PrisFix-Flat HIRSCHMANN GMBH developed a new reference system that has a considerably lower installation height compared to other products available on market up to now. Height of the ultra flat reference clamper together with the spcially designed workpiece carrier is only 35 mm. As manual clamping system with an attractive price-performance ratio and therefore short amortization period μ-PrisFix-Flat is the ideal entry-level product for users who already apply rotary indexing tables in manufacturing or want to do so in future. The reference system is suitable for many applications as wire EDM, sinking EDM, EDM drilling or laser machining. It is made of rust proof material and can be used in deionized water or in other fluid media.

Vergleich des HIRSCHMANN PrixFix-Flat mit einem herkömmlichen Spannsystem
Difference in height is evident: clamping system μ-PrisFix-Flat (on the right) is considerably flatter than previous reference systems. This raises efficieny of machining processes. Picture: HIRSCHMANN GMBH
The new µ-PrisFix-Flat Clamping System (here with Pallet) has an overall height of only 35 millimeters.

For more information please see our press release.