Clamping system 8000

The Clamping System 8000 is used as reference system on milling, drilling, surface grinding, jig milling machines and sinking EDM for palletizing of fixtures and workpieces. The pallets can be changed manual or automatically by means of handling units like HIRSCHMANN EROBOT or robot cells.

Possible combination with Clamping System 5000 for Sinking EDM is guaranteed by pallet clampers H8.11.32M.. with clamper in the center.

Pneumatic Chucks

Common Characteristics

  • Solid centering and clamping elements guarantee precise fixation and highest repetitive accuracy
  • Because of the ground locating surface use of an adjusting pallet becomes redundant.
  • Centering and clamping elements are protected against coolant and chips with sealings
  • Tension by spring pressure with additional pneumatic retension by means of 4 clamping cylinders.
H 8.11.32 Pneumatic Pallet Clamper
Positioning or repetitive accuracy: 0.002 mm
Umschlaggenauigkeit 4 x 90°  0.01 mm
Clamping force (with pneumatic retension): 60000 N
Clamping force (without pneumatic retension): 20000 N
Max. zul. Werkstückgewicht 300 kg
Weight: approx. 34 kg
Pressure:  6 - 8 bar
Delivery including pneumatic hose (3 m), 6 x 1 mm
H 8.11.32M6 Combined Pallet Clamper
with pneumatic clamper H in the center for holders and pallets of fixturing system 5000 with clamping journal H 6.611 (except pallet H 8.180 and MINIFIXplus electrodes).
Positioning or repetitive accuracy: 0.002 mm
Clamping force (with pneumatic retension): 60000 N
Clamping force (without pneumatic retension): 20000 N
Clamping force of center clamper: 2500 N
Permissable workpiece weight: max. 300/50 kg
Weight: approx. 35 kg
Pressure: 6 bar
Delivery including pneumatic hose (3 m), 6 x 1 mm

H 8.11.32M  Combined Pallet Clamper
Like H 8.11.32M6 but with pneumatic clamper H 8.11.20 in the center for holders and pallets of fixturing system 5000 with clamping journal H 5.611 and for MINIFIXplus electrodes (except for pallet H.8.180).

Pallets HPS320...

Common Characteristics

  • Four far from each other arranged centering and clamping elements in hardened steel.
  • Protective arranged and hardened reference elements for X-Y-Z direction
  • Can be changed manual and automatically
H 8.320 Pallet
Aluminium pallet, ground, without fastening bores.
Flatness < 0.01 mm
Parallelism < 0.01 mm
Dimensions: 320 x 320 x 56 mm
Weight: approx. 12 kg
H 8.320PS5 Pallet with Clampers H8.16
Aluminium pallet with 5 manuel pallet clampers for setting of all holders and pallets of fixturing system 5000 for sinking EDM with clamping journal H 5.611..
Flatness < 0.01 mm
Parallelism < 0.01 mm
Dimensions: 320 x 320 x 92 mm
Weight: approx. 18 kg

H 8.320PS5.6 Pallet with Clampers H6.16
Like H8.320PS5 but with clampers for pallets and holders with clamping journal 
H 6.611.
Pallet with threaded bores, T-slots etc. are available on request.


H 9060P Pneumatic Maintenance Unit
Maintenance unit consisting of stop valve, water separator, fixed pressure setting for clampers (6 bar) and sealing air.
H 4101 Pneumatic Control Unit
Manual control unit to operate pneumatic clampers (opening, cleaning, clamping).
Working pressure: max. 10 bar
H 8.32.12 Foot Switch
for manual clamping or opening of pneumatic pallet clampers (incl. plastic hose, length 3 m, 6x 1 mm)

Supply pressure: max. 7 bar
H 8.32.34 Sealing small
Spare part for pallet clampers H 8.11.32...

H 8.32.35 Sealing large
Spare part for pallet clampers H 8.11.32...