Ultra-flat reference system raises efficiency in part machining

With µ-PrisFix-Flat HIRSCHMANN GMBH developed a new reference system that has a considerably lower installation height compared to other products available on market up to now. Height of the ultra flat reference clamper together with the spcially designed workpiece carrier is only 35 mm. With this innovation HIRSCHMANN reacts on recurring requests of customers. The company situated in Baden-Württemberg for the first time presents µ-PrisFix-Flat on exhibition EMO in Hannover from 18th till 23rd of September, 2017 (hall 13, stand C101).

„This innovation is a huge progress compared to the significantly higher mounting systems used so far“ says Norbert Weisser, team leader construction. As manual clamping system with an attractive price-performance ratio and therefore short amortization period µ-PrisFix-Flat is the ideal entry-level product for users who already apply rotary indexing tables in manufacturing or want to do so in future. The reference system is suitable for many applications as wire EDM, sinking EDM, EDM drilling or laser machining. It is made of rust proof material and can be used in deionized water or in other fluid media.

Because of its different hole patterns the new reference system can be used on many uniaxial and two-axial rotary indexing tables of HIRSCHMANN. Customers’ individual hole patterns can also be realized. Besides this, µ-PrisFix-Flat is universally applicable. Users can mount it directly onto the machine table, rotating plate or another interface.
Cutting performance is significantly better
Because of the significantly lower installation height manufacturers can optimize their processes essentially. “As nearer as the workpiece for example during wire EDM can be placed to the lower injector as better is the cutting performance“ declared Norbert Weisser. The new reference system is based on the patented clamping system µ-PrisFix of HIRSCHMANN, which already has proven its worth in practice. It is convincing by highest precision with repetitive accuracy of
≤ 0,002 mm in all axes. With this system customers can take workpiece out of the machine while operating – e.g. for measuring or more urgent orders – and can continue machining afterwards at exact the same position.

Another advantage of reference systems is, that set-up times on the machine are minimized. The part to be machined can be presetted outside the machine and then put into machining center with the help of palletizing systems and reference systems. Thus longer running times can be reached and efficiency is increased. “Our patented clamping system and rotary indexing table should always be seen as one unit. With them our customers reach the best possible exactness and efficiency in machining”, underlines Rainer Harter, CTO of HIRSCHMANN GMBH.

µ-PrisFix-Flat Nullpunktspannsystem
The new zero point clamping system µ-PrisFix-Flat (here together with pallet) has an installation height of only 35 mm.

µ-PrisFix-Flat Spannsystem
Difference in height is evident: clamping system µ-PrisFix-Flat (on the right) is considerably flatter than previous reference systems. This raises efficieny of machining processes.

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