60th anniversary of HIRSCHMANN GMBH

Fluorn-Winzeln (pm) – In this year 2017 company HIRSCHMANN GMBH located in Fluorn-Winzeln celebrates its 60th anniversary. On 25th of January, 1957 the company was founded as CARL HIRSCHMANN AG & Co. in Stuttgart and moved to Winzeln in 1961. Since 1983 the company operates under the name of HIRSCHMANN GMBH. Today HIRSCHMANN is the largest employer in the municipality Fluorn-Winzeln.

The company HIRSCHMANN was founded on 25th of January, 1957 by Carl W. Hirschmann, an entrepreneur from Zurich, Switzerland. His declared aim was to import and sale in Germany the so called Unibal® - rod ends and spherical bearings from US of America. The entrepreneur quickly recognised the potential of these new "spherical bearings" and three years later decided to build up its own production. As location Winzeln was selected, in particular because of the good position between Stuttgart and Zurich. A decisive factor was that for projected expansion of highway A81 in the 1950s a route west of the Neckar valley and thus at close distance to Fluorn-Winzeln was planned.

On a property of 21.000 square metres addressed Kirchentannenstraße construction work was started in 1960 and in 1961 was the opening of the production and administration facilities and of three prefabricated houses nearby for the managing director and the production and sales manager. At that time company HIRSCHMANN has a staff of 20 members.

Up to now rod ends and spherical bearings are an important branch of HIRSCHMANN. Since the 1960s the company supplies PORSCHE AG with titanium rod ends for Formula 1 cars. Until today Porsche is one of the most important customers of HIRSCHMANN, delivering complete chassis components including bearing technology for Porsche race cars.

In the 1960s also started the production of clamping systems for eroding machines - up to now another import business segment. At that time spark erosion was still in its infancy and one of the pioneers of this new technology was HIRSCHMANN GMBH • KIRCHENTANNENSTRASSE 9 • D-78737 FLUORN-WINZELN Telefon: +49 7402 183 0 Telefax: +49 7402 183 10 - 2 - also located in Fluorn-Winzeln - the company Herbert Walter KG in Fluorn (today exeron GmbH in Oberndorf-Lindenhof).

In the following years and decades HIRSCHMANN developed their product range continiously and again and again adjusted it to the changing market requirements - a successful recipe for constant groth. In 1979 HIRSCHMANN presented the first NC controlled and capable for eroding "C-axis" and one year later the first "rotating table", up to now the third large business segment of the company.

In 1983 the company was transformed in the actual HIRSCHMANN GmbH. In the 1990s own sales subsidiaries in USA and Great Britain were founded, in the new millenium also in China.

An important milestone in company's history: in 2002 the inheritors of the incorporator Carl W. Hirschmann sold the company to its management. Since then HIRSCHMANN is firmly "in Swabian hands". Today the enterprise is managed by Rainer Harter (CTO) and Andreas Jesek (managing director), son of the longtime director Ulrich G. Jesek, who substantially accompanied the development of HIRSCHMANN in the years between 1966 and 2004. Today HIRSCHMANN in Fluorn-Winzeln has a staff of 180 members and is the largest employer.

The official anniversary celebration will take place in July. Also planned is an "Open Day" where all citizens are invited to visit the company.