HIRSCHMANN GMBH is certified according ISO 9001 and EN 9100 (industrial standard for aerospace).

We produce under latest manufacturing methods and our products are subject to quality control already during manufacturing and as final product.

Principles declaration in quality policy

The quality of our products and services is of utmost importance for the continuity and further development of our enterprise. Therefore, our management defines quality policy as follows:

We want that our customers are satisfied!

Therefore it is necessary, that our products and services meet the customer's requirements in function, price and lead time. So, the real aim of our work is not the product but a satisfied customer.
  • The customer must be the in the middle of our work and our thinking.
  • The customer defines the quality of our products.
  • The customer orders and pays and has the right to get precise products of highest quality, delivery on time and prices at its best
To be able to satisfy our customers, we expect from every employee the unlimited commitment to quality as well as his contribution to constant improvement of our products and services.

To reach the quality aims expected from the customer and to be realized by us, the abilities of all employees must be constantly developed and trained. It's the duty of the management to support the quality awareness of all employees and partners. They have to express clear, accessible aims and to support the employees by realisation of these aims. And they must distinguish themselves by exemplary behaviour and open communication.

Every employee must know that his work is needed and also is appreciated. The quality of our products and with it the success of our company is basically reached by continuous improvement. Therefore, every employee must see quality as the most important criterion of his everyday work and seek for constant improvements.

It is important to recognize and eliminate in time not even errors but already the possibilities of errors. Failure prevention has priority before error elimination. For these high objectives we have created the conditions by introducing a quality management due to  German Institute for Standardization ISO 9001-2000 which is continuously enhanced..