Clamping Systems: optimize production processes - reduce costs

Productivity of your machines is significantly increased by modern, flexible clamping systems. Low costs and a better adherence to schedule improve your position on market. In continuous solutions with intelligent, modular fixturing systems there are included presetting stations reducing setup, measuring and presetting on the machine to a minimum.
Advantages of HIRSCHMANN Clamping Systems:
  • maximization of productivity because of better load factor
  • enormous reduction of setup times and as result increase in profit avoiding machine downtimes
  • increase of flexibility
  • parallel setup and presetting of workpieces in main time
  • no addition of tolerances due to mounting, dismounting and re-clamping
For more than 60 years we develop and produce innovative, practice-oriented and high-precise products concerning clamping technology (reference systems, clamping systems, fixturing systems) for wire EDM, sinking EDM, metal cutting machines and for micro technology.