Type va..

External seal for grease only
Ax­ial shaft seal with an ex­ter­nal seal­ing lip, for use with grease. It is very good at low pe­riph­eral speeds, es­pe­cially with lapped/mat­ing sur­faces. It can also be used with liq­uids. This seal can be used in ei­ther a sta­tionery or ro­tat­ing man­ner. For use with liq­uids, the max­i­mum per­mis­si­ble speed must be re­duced to 1/3 of the fig­ure in­di­cated in the table. By in­creas­ing the spring force, it is pos­si­ble to raise the medium pres­sure by up to 50%; how­ever this can re­sult in greater fric­tion and heat-up, and con­se­quently in faster wear. AWD VA z
          A = Medium pres­sure

Spe­cial sizes Type VA