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HIRSCHMANN SPHERCAL BEARINGS transfers racing technology to the road.

HIRSCHMANN SPHERCAL BEARINGS transfers racing technology to the road. GK_Automotive_Anzeige001k

GK_Automotive_002 Pull rods, wishbones, tie rods and strut mounts of sporty road vehicles are equipped more and more with spherical bearings. Up to now spherical bearings were often pressed into a bore and fixed axially with a retaining ring. Disadvantages of this method are greater deviations of torques and tilting effects because of various
overlaps between bore and bearing and axial clearance as result of aggregate tolerances of components.
To solve such problems HIRSCHMANN SPHERICAL BEARINGS developed integrated bearings, where parts of the bearing technology are integrated directly into castings, forgings or milled parts. Advantages are – defined torque and tilting effect, no axial clearance and weight reduction as further positive effect. This technology i.e. is used in cup and street version of the Porsche 911 GT3 and 918 Spyder.
Another typical application are integrated sliding and ball joints, i.e. in the 1 litre vehicle XL1 of VOLKSWAGEN.

Customer-orientated fulfilment of complete solutions
GK_Automotive_001 HIRSCHMANN offers from one source project-specific R&D, creation of prototype and serial production with sampling of complete assembly units, inclusive developing and manufacturing of individual suitable sealing.Further products with innovative bearing technology are used in many racings. Components coated with sliding lacquer or DLC find application in rallye sport – where in limited installation space extreme loads (forces, temperatures) occur. High-precision bearings are used in various GT3 and LMP1 cars and in Formula E.
For careful mounting of bearings mostly applied is rolling in process with special designed tools.
The newest innovations are light-weight bearings in aluminum-titan with weight reduction up to 50% at same performance. They are tested in race situations at the moment.
In addition for low-friction applications spherical bearings can be equipped with integrated anti-friction bearing technology.

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